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Uni Economy is not just a financial system, but also a platform for expansion and cooperation. We work closely with both agencies, product and integration partners with the shared goal to create increased value for common customers!

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Collaborate to create the best customer experiences

We believe that working together across solutions and systems will be a competitive advantage in the future. Our success depends on the partners' success.

Easy webhooks setup

You want to update your CMS everytime a customer is changed, or push orders to your shipment system? Choose model that you want to listen to, and provide with the receipt URL and you are good to go.

Get exposure on our marketplace

In the Uni Economy Marketplace, all companies running Uni Economy will be able to view your solutions. And they will be able to get started with your solution from the Uni Economy Marketplace.

Easy and secure authentication

Uni Economy usies the lates Oauth 2 and OpenId Connect authentication flows to make sure the integration is secure and accessible for a varity of different solutions.

Use our powerful suite of APIs and tools

Uni Economy's guides, tutorials and thorough documentation help you every step of the way

Getting started

The first session provides you with the neccessary tools needed to authenticate and make your first calls against the API.

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App development

Documentation on Uni Economys business modules. Examples on how to work with the different modules.

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API Documentation

See the swagger for full documentation of all models.

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Video tutorials

Our awesome team have created some tutorials for you to get a smooth start on your integration.

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Getting started

You will learn the different ways that you can authenticate against our API. We will go through how to connect to us for Web sites, SPAs, Mobiles and servers.

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How to work with the API

This session will make you abel to retrieve, create and update data through our API

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This session will show how effortless you can create outbound webhooks from Uni Economy, with demos.

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Requests against the API

Example for simple requests against our API.

var httpClient = new HttpClient();

//Set Bearer token and then make the request to get all customers
    = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", accessToken);

var apiResult = await httpClient.GetAsync(
  new Uri(""));

Some of our partners

Organisations are doing great things with Uni Economy

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