Data protection declaration

This data protection declaration sets out your rights to data protection and our commitment to protecting your personal data.

Uni Micro is a Norwegian company that supplies software and services to private and public enterprises (customers) in Norway. Uni Micro has its headquarters in Modalen, and the Uni Micro Group is subject to Norwegian and European data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This data protection declaration is available on Uni Micro AS’s website, and anywhere else that we gather personal data in any way.

This data protection declaration applies to all business processes at Uni Micro and all Uni Micro websites, domains, mobile solutions and cloud computing services. Service-specific appendixes can be found in the terms and conditions of use, data processor agreements and equivalent information for the service in question.

This data protection declaration provides information about data processing performed by Uni Micro in cases where Uni Micro determines the purposes and means of processing personal data (Uni Micro is the data controller). It also gives information about data processing Uni Micro performs on behalf of our customers based on their instructions (where the customer is the data controller and Uni Micro is the data processor).

Personal data comprises any information that can identify you as a person, such as an e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, etc. It is necessary for us to process your personal data in order to serve our customers. Please refrain from using Uni Micro websites or our services if you do not accept the way in which we process personal data as set out in this data protection declaration.

Uni Micro processes personal data about job applicants, contact people, software users and course participants associated with our customers. We also process the personal data of people representing potential customers who contact us through Uni Micro’s website or other channels. You can find our declaration relating to this area in the section on Uni Micro as a data controller.

We also process data controlled by our customers on their behalf. You can find our declaration relating to this area in the section on Uni Micro as a data processor.

In this data protection declaration, data subjects may also be referred to as people or you.

Uni Micro as the data controller:

When a Uni Micro company determines the purposes and means of processing personal data, the company is acting as the data controller. This includes scenarios where Uni Micro collects personal data in conjunction with you applying for a job, signing up for a course or representing a customer of Uni Micro, and where you are a user of software systems or applications supplied by Uni Micro.

Why we process your personal data (basis for processing):

In order to manage our customer relationships in general, and to fulfil our customers’ obligations, Uni Micro needs information about you in your capacity as a customer’s contact person or user of a service. The purpose of processing these personal data is to:
a.      prepare and implement sales and contract processes with our customers;
b. provide requested offers on products and services to customers;
c.      supply services in accordance with our agreements with you or our customers;
d.     offer and provide user support to users of our products and services;
e.      improve and develop the quality and functionality of our products, services and Uni Micro websites, as well as the user experience;
f.       discover, limit and prevent security threats and perform maintenance and fault-finding;
g.      prevent abuse of our products and services;
h.     process orders, invoices, payments and other accounting tasks;
i.       create interest profiles in order to market relevant products and services; and
j.       run user groups in order to promote coordination between users and Uni Micro.
The legal basis for the processing of personal data for the purposes set out in a)-j) above is generally that Uni Micro has a legitimate business interest in processing your personal data in a way that we believe is consistent with your rights or freedoms under data protection legislation. In some cases, processing will also be necessary in order to fulfil a contract. The legal basis for processing personal data for the purpose described in j) is your consent.

About leads
Uni Micro processes the personal data of leads for marketing purposes. In order to provide personalised and relevant content to potential customers, Uni Micro builds up an interest profile based on your navigation, choices and actions on Uni Micro websites, as well as your responses to marketing e-mails. The legal basis for this kind of processing is primarily your consent. Below, you can read more about how we build up these profiles and how you can adjust your profile and withdraw your consent.

About job applicants
If you are a job applicant, we process your personal data in order to assess your potential to become a Uni Micro employee. The legal basis for this kind of processing is your consent.

How we collect your personal data
In general, Uni Micro collects personal data directly from you or from other people associated with our customer. These people may be a manager or a colleague. If the customer is looking to buy Uni Micro’s products or services through a Uni Micro partner company, we may collect information about you from that company.
We also use cookies and other tracking technology when you use Uni Micro websites and interact with us by e-mail in order to optimise your experience of Uni Micro and our websites. Please see the section on automatic data collection tools for more information on how these technologies work and your rights in relation to them.
In some cases we may also collect information about you from other sources. These sources may include third party data aggregators, Uni Micro’s marketing partners, public data sources and third party social networks. Uni Micro is entitled to combine your personal data obtained from one source with data obtained from another source. This gives us a complete picture of you, which also allows us to provide you with a more relevant and tailored service.

Automatic data collection

Uni Micro AS collects anonymised information about visitors to, and The purpose of this is to generate statistical data that we use to improve and develop the information provided on our websites. Examples of what the statistical data tell us include how many people visit each page, how long their visits last, which websites users have come from and which browser they are using.

Uni Micro AS uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website. Uni Micro AS uses cookies to analyse use of our websites and for marketing activities, for example when someone downloads material from our websites.

We use Google Analytics and HubSpot Inc. on our websites. Uni Micro AS also uses advertising cookies (such as remarketing cookies) and “widgets” from social media sites.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics uses cookies that record the user’s IP address and that provide information about the individual user’s browsing activities. Examples of what the statistical data tell us include how many people visit each page, how long their visits last, which websites users have come from and which browser they are using. None of the cookies enable us to link information about your use of the website to you as an individual.
The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in the United States. The information received is subject to Google’s privacy policy. You can find more information about the cookies used by Google here.

Please note that if you block cookies you may find that our websites don’t work perfectly.

Google Display Advertising
The website may target its own advertisements at people who have previously visited through Google’s display network and partners. This is called remarketing and is used to make advertisements more relevant to individual users based on their past interests and behaviour on In accordance with Google’s privacy policy, we do not collect or use information that could be used to identify individual users.

You can opt out of ad personalisation on the Google Display Network here:

HubSpot Inc.
Uni Micro AS uses HubSpot for web analytics and profiling, including to track users across several page views for the purposes of analysis, marketing and sales. When you visit our websites, cookies will track you anonymously until you provide your contact details in one of our forms and give your consent to receiving indirect/direct marketing from us. That consent permits us to link the information you provide to the information about your use of our website that was previously anonymised. The following links provide more information about how this works:

Cookies from social media sites
So that you can “like” and share our content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we have added “like buttons” to our websites.

The following social media platforms use cookies on our websites:

Facebook – Information about cookies
Twitter – Information about cookies
LinkedIn – Information about cookies

The data protection implications of using these cookies will vary from one social media platform to another and will depend on your own data protection settings in the platform in question.

By using our websites you consent to our use of cookies. However, in your browser you can block and delete the cookies. Visit for more information about how to block and permit cookies in your web browser.

Survey Monkey
Uni Micro uses Survey Monkey to perform surveys. We will always inform you of the purpose of the survey and of whether or not it is anonymous. Uni Micro AS will not share responses with other parties or use the information for purposes other than those indicated.

Anonymous surveys: If the survey is anonymous, neither Uni Micro AS nor Survey Monkey will collect any information that can be linked to you as an individual.

Identifiable surveys: If the survey is not anonymous, Uni Micro is able to identify the people who have responded to the survey. We may also use Survey Monkey to send out surveys or follow-up questions.

Anyone can sign up to receive newsletters relating to our various specialist areas and information about Uni Micro AS’s events. So that we can send you e-mails, you must provide an e-mail address. By signing up to our newsletters, you consent to us storing your name and e-mail address. We will use your e-mail address to send you relevant information about our industry, technology and customer case studies, as well as general updates from Uni Micro. So that we can invite you to relevant events, we also record which company you work for. This information is not shared with other companies, and it is deleted if you tell us that you no longer want to receive information from us. The information is also deleted if we are notified that your e-mail address is no longer active.

In some cases, you may be able to make comments on articles or blogs, in which case you will be asked for your name and e-mail address. The name and e-mail address may be published with the comment, but they will not be stored by Uni Micro AS.

Contact form
When you complete our contact form, we store the information provided in our database. This information will be kept for as long as it is relevant to us in terms of providing you with better customer service. We strive to make sure that we do not keep your details any longer than necessary.

If you sign up to a course or event, we may ask for your name, organisation, address, e-mail address, work phone and invoicing address. We do share this information with any other parties.

Which of your personal data Uni Micro processes:

The type of personal data that Uni Micro processes in its capacity as Data Controller may include:

·       basic contact details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
·       demographic information such as date of birth, age and sex;
·       employment details such as employer, job title and position, including professional preferences and interests;
·       feedback, comments and questions about Micro and our products and services;
·       photos and videos of you that have been registered with us;
·       content you have uploaded, such as photos and videos;
·       unique user information such as user name, password and security questions;
·       financial information such as bank account details;
·       web analytics information provided by your browser, such as browser, device, language and the address of the website you came from, as well as other web analytics information such as your IP address
·       clickstream behaviour and movement on Uni Micro’s websites and in our products and services;
·       e-mail behaviour such as which e-mails from Uni Micro you open and how; and
·       other personal details in your profile that you have freely given to third party social medial platforms such as LinkedIn, etc.

Your rights:
You have a right to access your personal data by requesting details of which of your personal data we process, and you are entitled to data portability. You also have a right to ask Uni Micro to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data.

Furthermore, you have a right to ask for your personal data to be erased, and to limit or oppose yourself to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this data protection declaration or other service-specific terms and conditions. Note that in some cases you cannot enforce the rights described above. Uni Micro will in such cases explain the legal basis/reason for this.
Please send all enquiries relating to matters discussed in this section to
Finally, you also have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority about the processing of your personal data.

Uni Micro as the data processor:

As the data processor, Uni Micro processes personal data in accordance with our data processor agreement.

By using our services, you accept our Data protection declaration and Cookie policy